Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault Charges

Being accused of sexual assault in itself is a life altering event.

Can make you feel like your life is over.

Protecting rights and looking out for their best interest

Hard to imagine a more awful accusation that you have sexually assaulted someone, at that moment you are filled with fear, loss and confusion

Attorney Jim Squyres will help navigate you through the legal path to get you the best outcome possible

Punishments for sexual assault convictions are serious and the consequences will be lifelong

It will change the way your loved ones, friends and neighbors look at you as well as rejection by society

Could face lifetime sex offender registration

The accusation alone can have devastating consequences

If this happens to you (the accusation) you need an attorney who is experienced in representing those who have been charged with sexual offenses

At The Law Office of Jim Squyres we will make sure that you are afforded all of your constitutional rights and provide you with the best defense possible for your case no matter how challenging the accusations are.

Attorney Jim Squyres has received extensive training on the law of sexual assault and strategies for defending these cases.

We have successfully defended our clients and help them obtain a positive outcome

We put in the necessary time and effort to give our clients the best results possible

Our office will take the time, put forth the effort to carefully get you to the best outcome for your situation

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