Our Firm

Attorney Jim Squyres

Mr. Squyres is an east Texas native with roots that stretch back before the Texas revolution. Mr. Squyres is a dedicated family man who has a strong belief in the importance in maintaining individual rights and civil liberties, especially those suffering with mental health issues. He is a graduate of St. Mary’s School of Law, and Stephen F. Austin State University. Mr. Squyres is a former social worker, probation officer/chemical dependency officer and nursing home inspector for the state of Texas. Mr. Squyres is an adjunct professor in the criminal justice division at Angelina College. He is a founding member of the Nacogdoches Mental Health Court and certified by the Texas State Bar as a guardian ad litem attorney. He has attending numerous hours of training in DWI defense, including field sobriety testing and toxicology. Mr. Squyres was a prior DWI repeat offender instructor and drug offender education instructor. Serving the Angelina, Nacogdoches, Polk and Trinity County area.

Emily Squyres

Mrs. Squyres is the legal administrator for the office. She has a Social Work degree from Angelina College and a Bachelor’s degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She is half way through the graduate program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling but has put it on hold while she helps Attorney Squyres. Mrs. Squyres comes from a background as an Investigator for Child Protective Services and is able to assist Mr. Squyres in most family law cases. Mrs. Squyres is a certified process server, has extensive training in substance abuse and has a passion for helping others.

Mr. W.L. “Dub” Bullard

Mr. Bullard is the receptionist and client liaison for the office. He is a retired pastor and currently serves as an outreach pastor at a local church. He is a family man who enjoys the great outdoors. He loves to hunt and fish and will talk endlessly about his hobbies to anyone who will listen. Dub is an advocate for gun rights and firmly believes in being able to enjoy them in the great outdoors. He has a passion for people going through difficult times and will be happy to lend a listening ear or have prayer with anyone in need. Mr. Bullard is also a Notary Public.