A Traffic Ticket Could Jeopardize Your Career

A Traffic Ticket Could Jeopardize Your Career

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As a commercial truck driver, you’re expected to drive safely and efficiently. If you get a ticket with a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, our ticket defense lawyer at the Law Office of Jim Squyres can help. Our CDL ticket lawyer works with clients in Lufkin, TX and surrounding areas to get their charges reduced or dismissed.

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CDL tickets come with consequences

Driving with a CDL comes with a lot of responsibility. If you get a CDL ticket, our lawyer can help you fight for your rights.

Getting a ticket while driving a commercial vehicle can cause you to...

  • Lose your job.
  • Forfeit your license.
  • Pay significant fines.

It’s possible to dismiss your CDL ticket with our lawyer by your side. Build your CDL ticket defense with help from the Law Office of Jim Squyres in Lufkin, TX.
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