Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney in Lufkin, TX

Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney in Lufkin, TX

Have you been accused of an assault crime against a family member or significant other?

Being accused of a crime is a stressful experience for all involved. When close family members, significant others and household members are involved, the emotions surrounding your situation can make it hard to think clearly and make smart decisions. At this time, it is crucial to get an experienced domestic violence attorney on your side.

The Law Office of Jim Squyres has years of experience defending domestic violence cases in Lufkin, TX and the surrounding counties. Under Texas penal code, domestic violence is classified as an assault that was intentionally and knowingly committed against:

  • Spouses
  • Foster Parents or Foster Children
  • Roommates
  • Those in a "dating relationship"
  • ...and potentially any other individual living in your home, regardless of blood relation or marital status

  • Our expert attorney knows the subtle differences between these charges that range from class C misdemeanors all the way to first degree felonies. In order to prosecute a domestic violence case in Texas, intent must be proven. The Law Office of Jim Squyers will fight with all of our resources to defend you and limit fines and jail time.

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