I have known Jim Squyres since 1988. He is a great guy who gives 100% to his clients and really knows the law. Furthermore, if he is not able to help you, he will refer you to someone who will. He knows much about jury selection, has been asked to teach law at more than one college, and knows how to talk to people in a friendly congenial manner. In addition, he is well versed in many other subjects which helps him understand and relate to many different types of people.=


He cares for his clients as does his wondeful wife--we owe both of them our undying gratitude for all their help and would walk a mile over glass for them--Both are so special its hard to put in words


Jim is knowledgeable about the law and compassionate, he and Emily are down to earth people who care about the clients they take on. He is fair and most of all honest!


I have dealt with lawyers in the past and wish that I had met Mr. Squyres before now. He is very level headed, kind, and has a big heart. He will listen to you, be non judgmental, and is very very knowledgeable with the law and the people he works with. I recommend him for all your lawyer needs his rates are reasonable and will always work towards your best interest. Thank you very much you are a 10.


Wonderful , I would tell anybody to get help here , very kind , listens to your needs !! Helpful ! I am so glad to have found them ! They need way more than 5 stars ! I will always be thankful.


Very good lawyer , never gives up on you , always try's to get the best for you . I highly recommend anyone looking for a lawyer to hire Mr. Jim .


Jim has been a blessing to me and my girlfriend. He went above and beyond for us and is the sole reason that we have the tools and chance to have our life back. Without Jim we could not have been able to pick and carry on. Honesty and caring with direction. Thank you Jim!